We advise:We advise:What to expect on Sunday

Our morning all age gathering is in Northstowe Secondary College.

We start at 10:30am and recommend you arrive a few minutes before that to allow for finding the venue and finding your seat. We are now singing indoors so our service will be in the main hall throughout.

We begin our service with about 30 minutes of all age time in the main hall, including prayer, singing and all age Bible teaching. After that, Primary School children go to their Bible Clubs (and a creche is available). Adults and teens hear a talk explaining the Bible passage for the day. Altogether services normally last for around 1h15m-1h30m.

After the service, you can stay and chat to people, and we will be serving drinks and snacks. 

If you are watching our services on Facebook or YouTube and want to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you here. 

Covid guidance

If you are coming in person to a service, we have updated our guidance to reflect government regulations and advice. 

We advise you:
- to stay at home if
        you have a positive covid test,
        you are unwell

We leave it personal choice:
- whether you wear a mask or not during your time with us
- whether you want to test your family with a lateral flow test before coming to be confident you don't have Covid-19

We provide
- hand sanitisers
- masks
- plenty of well ventilated space