Who Is Jesus?

If you are investigating Church or Christianity, then the one you really need to understand is Jesus. Jesus is uniquely good news because he is God become human. That is why he is called Emmanuel, God with us. The ultimate reality behind this universe and every person in it has become one us. 

So we don’t need to guess what God is like, or what this universe is really about. God has come to make himself known as Jesus. As we look at this first century Jewish man in the biographies of Jesus in the Bible, we see what God is really like, in all his righteousness and kindness and power. 

We don’t need to wonder if God loves us because he has shown his love for us by dying for us. 
God is with us in the death our evil deserves, so that we can be with him in everlasting joyful life we don’t deserve.

“This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”
1 John 4:10

We aren’t left in the dark about what lies beyond death because Jesus rose from the dead and promised that all who trust in him will have everlasting life. And while we wait, Jesus sends the Spirit to live in those who trust, so that God continues to be God with us. 

Jesus is fantastically good news. He’s worth investigating. And we’d love to help you find out more about Jesus. We regularly run Christianity Explored courses, where a small group can discuss part of the life of Jesus, watch a short DVD, and ask all their questions. If you want to join a course, get in touch.  

There are some explanations of Jesus and how he is good news for you online. Here are a couple we’ve found helpful:

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