Welcome to Emmanuel Church Northstowe

Welcome to Emmanuel Church Northstowe, a growing gospel-centred church serving a growing new community.

Whether you're a new resident of Northstowe or a long-time member of one of the surrounding villages, currently follow Jesus or would like to explore who Jesus is, you've come to the right place.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, our meetings are mostly online rather than in a building. We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our Sunday Online Gatherings, and in the meantime hope you can find the information you're looking for here.
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Sundays at Emmanuel

All our meetings can currently be accessed online in Zoom. We are doing a series on our mission statement and then on Acts 9-12 this term. See across the page for links to upcoming online meetings.

Our morning all age gathering is in Zoom. It is about 40 minutes of all-age prayer, singing and talks from the Bible. We'll open it up for signing on at around 10:20am, with a start time for the service of 10:30am. We also Livestream the service on our Facebook page, and then put a catch up recording on YouTube.

Our evening service is in Zoom (and sometimes in the Northstowe Community Wing) starting at 8pm. Our evening gathering is about 50 minutes focused on our passage for the day. As well as the sermon it may include a song, discussion and prayer. We'll open it up for signing on at around 7:50pm, with a start time for the service of 8pm. We also LiveStream the service on our Facebook page, and then put a catch up recording on YouTube.  

If you are watching our services in LiveStream or on YouTube and want to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you here
 Online meetings and recordings 

Morning all age gathering 10:30am 
Meeting in Zoom
Meeting ID 279-430-555 or URL https://zoom.us/j/279430555?pwd=ZHNyc3YyL21qTG9HQTdRMmM2TUJxZz09
Password Emmanuel

Evening service (including main sermon) 8pm 
Meeting in Zoom (and some weeks in Northstowe Community Wing)
Meeting ID 921-6783-6654 or URL https://zoom.us/j/92167836654?pwd=d1ZtNURCTHN5WVhLMjdUNFROem1xdz09
Password Emmanuel

Attending the zoom meetings means you are visible to other attendees and the meetings are recorded and available for those who were not present to follow along later. If you would rather not be visible you can either blank your video in zoom or watch the livestream on our Facebook page. 
Sunday 21st February
The ongoing care of Jesus  Acts 9:31-43
Morning all age service  https://youtu.be/6E6yOcBmuQE
Evening service https://youtu.be/JUgyL-FCR6U

Sunday 14th February
Reconciliation and mission Acts 9:19-31
Morning all age service https://youtu.be/U0b9ozqhcFw
Including Newsreader skit https://youtu.be/lSo6tfQZlnU
Evening service https://youtu.be/o8y-ysxySiM

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