Children at Emmanuel 

At Emmanuel, our children are active participants in the life of the church. On Sunday mornings, they stay in the main meeting for the first 30 minutes, participating in songs and prayer. Then they leave for their age-appropriate Bible clubs where they will take a closer look at the Bible, pray, and grow in their friendships with their peers.

We currently have a crèche/toddler group and 3 different children’s clubs based on age:

  • Crèche/Toddler - aged 0-3
  • Lower Primary - Pre-school, Reception & Year 1
  • Middle Primary - School years 2 & 3
  • Upper Primary - School years 4,5 & 6

Each of our children’s groups is using material from the Truth:78 ministry.

Crèche/Toddler truth78-ASureFoundation A Sure Foundation
Teaching big truths about God and foundational Bible stories to the very youngest members of our church family
Lower Primary truth78-HeHasSpokenByHisSon He Has Spoken By His Son
We are teaching a sequence of New Testament Bible stories in chronological order to help our children to understand who Jesus is and why this matters in their lives.
Middle Primary truth78-TheABCsOfGod The ABCs of God
In this series we are asking the fundamental questions:- Who is God? What is God like? and How should I act towards God?
Upper Primary truth78-InTheBeginningJesus In the Beginning…Jesus
This group is exploring the whole of the Bible, looking at prophesies about a coming Saviour in the Old Testament and the evidence for how these are fulfilled in Jesus.

Our leaders all have completed DBS checks. You are welcome to contact us to see our safeguarding policy.