Spiritual MOT 

Becoming a follower of Christ means being given immense privileges. We are forgiven all our sins, taught by God, loved by God. But often we don’t experience the joy and transformation Jesus came to bring. And while some level of frustration is just part of life in this world until Jesus comes, some of the frustration is because we are not fully walking in Jesus’ way, keeping in step with the Spirit. So as we start 2023, we’ll first remind ourselves of the reality of humanity, and the difference Jesus makes. And then we’ll look at some aspects of living as disciples of Jesus individually and as a community, checking whether we are in good spiritual health. Through it all, we want to be enjoying Jesus more and walking more closely with him. 

1 Peter 1:22 – 2:3
Josh Monteiro
Matthew 11:28 – 12:14
Josh Monteiro
1 Peter 4:10–11
David Runciman
1 Peter 4:7–9
Josh Monteiro
1 Timothy 6:6–10
1 Timothy 6:17–19
Josh Monteiro
Matthew 6:5–13
Josh Monteiro
Josh Monteiro