Daniel 1-6

For over 1000 years, Christianity has been woven into the life of Western Europe. But now, less than half the UK population identifies as Christian, only 10% attend church, and non-Christian and even anti-Christian ideologies are dominant in shaping our society. For those used to the church being respected and influential, adapting to this change can be hard. But the book of Daniel takes us back to a previous era when God’s people found themselves as a weak and despised minority. Years before Jesus, Daniel and his friends are taken from their home in Judah to the great city of Babylon. And there they show how we can adapt to being faithful exiles, wisely adapting to the dominant culture while remaining faithful to God. And under all their faithfulness we see the faithfulness of God, whose power over kings and empires remains supreme, and who is close to his faithful people in exile. Join us to be encouraged as we see how to live as faithful exiles for Jesus today.

Daniel 6:1–28
Mark Jenner
Daniel 5:1–31
Josh Monteiro
Daniel 4:1–37
Josh Monteiro
Daniel 3:1–30
Josh Monteiro
Daniel 2:1–49
Ben Avery
Daniel 1:1–21
Josh Monteiro